How we approach the failed system.

When arriving at the cause of a system failure, we try and use all of the possible data you can obtain from any and every source. We talk to the owner’s operating personnel and find out what we can and how the unit sounded immediately before the failure.

  • Was the operating normal or erratic ?
  • At what time did the failure occur ?

If we know this, we more then likely able to determine the extent of system load at the time of failure.

  • Did the operator keep a log as suggested above ?
  • If he did, our investigative work will be easier.

When is it time to replace my system?

We strongly recommend to all our clients that the best time to replace your system is when “YOU” are planning on it and definitely not when the system finally fails and you might rush into a decision without careful consideration.

The most common reason for replacing your existing system is that it is broken to such an extend that there is no economic justification for trying to repair it.

Today’s higher efficiency equipment with innovative comfort features consistently convince owners to replace older, unreliable systems that have not yet completely failed.

Regardless of the reason you are choosing to replace your present system, there are at least two important factors you should consider……..

Cracked heat exchanges, failed compressors. Sometimes there is just no way to repair the system

  • The Efficiency of the replacement system.
  • The kind of Refrigerant that it will use.