The best way to anticipate compressor problems is to initiate a preventive maintenance schedule that includes routine logging of system operating conditions, a record of the system’s operating pressures, temperatures, etc, taken daily, provides a means for tracking system performance throughout the cooling season.

With this type of data, it is possible to detect trends that might cause an operating condition to drift outside the acceptable limits. Logging the system performance data not only provides a means for detecting impending problems but in the event of a failure, this information can be used to reconstruct the series of events that led up to it.

At the conclusion of this presentation, some suggestions are discussed which can help in establishing a log system for your owner operators.

Mechanical Cooling Maintenance provides various HVAC Preventive Maintenance solutions for our customers. Depending on the specific needs of a building, preventive maintenance inspections can range from once a year to monthly, and from a basic Preventive Maintenance program to an All-Inclusive one.

Equally as important to servicing the equipment, is keeping management informed regarding the operational status of the equipment and comfort of the tenants. MCM has been a leader in providing this information with our originally designed, easy to read, equipment report. This report is sent to managers after each inspection. In addition, by signing on through our website, direct access to individual reports will soon be available to property managers at any time, day or night.

Our technicians and office staff are always interested in keeping up with the constantly changing information environment, such as on-line interaction with our customers through our website blog or via the service request tag.

Customers that have Preventive Maintenance agreements with MCM benefit from priority service and a special reduced contract rate for work performed outside the scope of normal maintenance inspections.